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March 8, 2004
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In Nature's Uniform - autumn by megl In Nature's Uniform - autumn by megl
This one is heavily inspired by the Dark Art tutorial number 4 by subcity ... check out his excellent tutorials.

Awesome stock photo by DLD: [link]

Update: uploaded higher resolution
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stopmachine Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2005
Here I find a bit strange color of her eyes.
The-Bladesinger Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2005
It looks nice enough, but there's one major problem with it, the face looks like it was painted onto the wood, instead of the other way around (which I assume was the goal).

Try to "liquify" the wood in photoshop and give it a little perspective.
megl Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2005
Thanks for the suggestions. Will try it out at some time!
blind-side Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2005
Kaylazelda Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2005
Its wonderfull, really. Now want to hear what I would have done?

I love everything you did but I associate wood or autum with brown, I would have made her eyes a brownish red hue, not too red though. And then her hair, which I love how you did, I would have gradually used the red into brown and then a greyish color, in what direction though; I have no idea.
megl Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2005

About the eyes ... I guess you're right - and I thought about that too, when I made it, but i totally fell in love with how well the blue color match the hair. Maybe I should give it a shot and change eyes and hair one day
Kagome357 Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2005  Professional General Artist
Wow! :wow: That is so beautiful. :frail:
dreamlogicdevotion Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2004   Photographer
Welcome to DA, sir. :D It looks like you're already starting off with a "bang". Beautiful work indeed, in this as well as the Winter piece. I really like the natural wood grain texture you utilized here, and haven't yet seen that concept applied before on DA. Preserving part of the natural light in the photograph really enhanced the believability of this piece as well, gives it a natural looking depth and makes her "pop out" from the piece more.

Subcity does some amazing</i. tutorials. :D I'm constantly impressed by his willingness to educate.

However, Doublethink is quite right - it may have drawn inspiration from the tutorial, but it definitely stands on its own.

Awesome work. :D Glad you enjoyed the stock! Hope to see more of your work soon...
megl Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2004
You did it again ... 'makes HER pop out' - speaking of yourself in third person ... hehe! Well I guess this time it's allright since it is not really you anymore ;-)

Anyways - I'm of course especially delighted that you like this piece!

Hope to have some time to work on the spring and the summer additions to this series soon.
dreamlogicdevotion Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2004   Photographer
Hehehe, just wouldn't seem right to me to compliment myself. It's too freaky sounding. :lmao:

And no, it's definitely all your own now. ;) I'll be looking forward to Spring and Summer.
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